If you’re one of the 45 million (or more) people in the United States who suffer from frequent abdominal pain or discomfort, chronic or recurrent diarrhea, constipation, or both, or any number of undiagnosed digestive issues, you’ve probably spent a good deal of time online, looking for answers. You’ve also probably stumbled upon digestive enzymes in your online searches. Now Super Enzymes are one such supplement, and in today’s post, we’ll be talking about super enzymes and their role in relieving your symptoms.

Digestion seems so simple. You eat delicious food, your body works its magic, and you are healthy and have energy, right? The digestion and nutrient absorption process is actually incredibly complex and delicately balanced.

Practically a work of art, digestion involves hormone production, enzyme production, and a whole network of organs that carefully breakdown and extract nutrients from the food we eat, so that our brains, hearts, lungs, muscles, nerve system, and every other part of our bodies can function. It’s safe to say that when there’s a problem in the digestion cycle, it impacts everything.

Those potential problems are exactly why Now Foods Super Enzymes and other digestive enzymes have become so prevalent in today’s health foods market. Studies have shown that people with digestive diseases (such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome), age-related enzyme insufficiency, hypochlorhydria (a lack of stomach acid), and liver disease can find relief from symptoms (and even sometimes healing) through the use of digestive enzymes.

These enzymes mimic those naturally found in the body, and help to do what your body might not be able to do thoroughly or at all: breakdown your food and absorb its nutrients. More than ever, scientists and health professionals are beginning to understand the vital links between digestion, once thought to be a fairly isolated phenomenon and varied health issues that were once assumed to be unrelated. It’s now believed that even people who don’t currently present symptoms such as IBS may benefit from the use of digestive enzymes.

Now Super Enzymes Benefits

Now Super EnzymesHow do Now Super Enzymes stack up against the rest? Now Super Enzymes are a formulated blend of several digestive enzymes, including bromelain, papain, pancreatin, and ox bile. This blend is specifically designed to break down fats, carbohydrates, and protein and is available in capsule form or tablet. Let’s take a more detailed look at each of these ingredients:

Bromelain is a naturally-occurring compound derived from pineapple. It contains a protein-digesting enzyme that can help you digest foods such as chicken and red meat, some of the hardest-to-digest foods. It can also soothe and relax muscle tissue and reduce inflammation, something most IBS and digestive tract disease sufferers greatly appreciate.

A proteolytic enzyme extracted from the leaf and raw fruit of the papaya plant, papain helps to break down amino acids into useable compounds, digestible in the small intestine. While both papain and bromelain can be ingested by consuming the raw fruit, they are also available in sole supplement form or in compound form, such as found here. Like bromelain, it has been shown to promote overall gastrointestinal health.

Now Super Enzymes also include pancreatin sourced from ox bile to provide additional enzymes that mimic those the human produces. These will work in concert with bromelain and papain to provide a robust level of help for people who are unable to obtain the proper level of digestion in their own bodies.

What’s Unique?

Most enzymes are either fruit-sourced, plant-sourced (from yeast, fungi, or probiotics), or sourced from animals (for example, pancreatin from ox or hog bile). Now Super Enzymes combines multiple enzymes from two types of sources for maximum impact. Since enzymes are not an exact science, and health professionals don’t yet fully understand how and to what exact enzymes survive the stomach and move into the intestines where they are most needed, taking a combination is more effective than a single enzyme.

In addition, the Now brand of supplements is a well-recognized brand that’s both readily available (you can find digest enzymes at Walmart, Amazon, and many others) and nominally affordable.


The price on these capsules seems to vary quite a bit, so it’s worth shopping around. The average price was saw was around the $10 price point for a bottle of 90 capsules. If you’re taking 1-2 capsules per meal, that’s less than half a dollar a day. Most people find this is a small price to pay for some serious digestive relief, especially since most will see results immediately!

What Could Be Better?

There’s always the option of taking a single enzyme (you could purchase bromelain, for example, as a standalone product), but you won’t find the price much less expensive than the Now Super Enzymes combo product. Some people report stomach pains or other issues upon taking enzymes, so you might find you need to experiment to find the right supplement for you. Overall, however, this is a high-quality product that combines recognized digestive aids at an affordable price.

Are Now Super Enzymes Right for You?

With more and more people encountering digestive problems and diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as a host of other diseases, symptoms, and concerns, it’s no wonder that consumers are looking for extra help. Many are finding it in the form of enzymes and more specifically, finding it in Now Super Enzymes.

This multi-ingredient product is a great, well-reviewed supplement that provides a potent, high quality line-up of digestive enzymes designed to help most people experience relief. In a world of confusing supplements, this stands out as a product that will fulfill its claims.

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