Nature’s Way organic extra virgin coconut oil is a high MCT oil. It is all natural and not a synthetic, concentrated oil. The oil is an authentic GMO-free product with a host of certifications for safety and purity. The attractive price point and several container size options make for a good choice for regular users.

Nature’s Way is a storied company with a long history of all natural and organic products. They were the first major brand to be certified TRU-ID. This is a certification using DNA biotechnology to ensure the authenticity of products. Products from Nature’s Way also have another half-dozen or so certifications from various national and international organizations. Buyers can rest easy knowing they have bought a safe and authentic product from a trusted brand.

Coconut oil from Nature’s Way contains no preservatives, gluten or any artificial ingredients. Buyers use it in a variety of ways, from hair and skin care to cooking. Versatility, however, is just one of the many features this product has.

Features and Benefits

The contents and methods of production and sourcing Nature’s Way coconut oil set it apart from other oil alternatives.

High MCT Content

Coconut oil is high in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which is a kind of saturated fat that is healthy. MCTs are easier to digest than other saturated fats and are sent straight to the liver for processing. MCTs burn as energy quicker, so are less likely to be stored as fat. They also benefit gut health.

Nature’s Way’s coconut oil is 62 percent MCTs. This relatively high percentage means that daily MCT dosages can be easily obtained from regular use.  Each serving contains 8.7 grams of MCTs. Overuse of MCTs can lead to nausea and diarrhea, but overdosing is not likely at this quantity.

Exceptional Purity

Coconuts used in the production of Nature’s Way coconut oil are USDA certified organic. They are unbleached, unrefined and contain no traces of hexanes. The oil itself contains no trans fats or cholesterol. All coconuts used in the making of this coconut oil are grown in the Philippines.

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A Variety of Uses

The primary use for Nature’s Way coconut oil is cooking. Buyers can use it in cooking, baking or sautéing at up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a healthy alternative to other oils such as vegetable, canola, or palm oil. These other oils are high in trans and other harmful and unhealthy fats. Also, some of these other oils are made in unsustainable ways such as slashing and burning of the rainforests.

Coconut oil is also usable as a health and beauty product. It is useful as a leave-in hair conditioner. When used this way it increases shine and body if used regularly. Some people even report faster hair growth.

Coconut oil has applications for the skin too. It works as a moisturizer, makeup remover or skin softener.

What’s Unique?

Unlike some coconut oils, Nature’s Way coconut oil is unrefined, so it retains more nutrients. Despite being unrefined, it has a relatively high smoking point temperature. It is also cold pressed as opposed to expeller pressed. Cold pressed means that when the oil is extracted from the coconut, it is not subjected to high temperatures during the process.

When the coconut reaches such high temperatures, such as those in expeller pressed oils, many of the nutrients are cooked out. The oil loses some of its benefits. Expeller pressed oils generally have less nutritional value. These coconut oils are sometimes, but not always, cheaper. Nature’s Way uses cold press machinery that does not require heating to soften the coconut product. As such, it retains its nutritional benefits even after the oil is extracted.


Pricing for this particular brand of coconut oil is fairly average, depending on the vendor. Customers can expect to pay around $16-$20 for a 32 oz. container and around $9-$15 for a 16 oz. container. Some online markets sell 32 oz. containers in packs of two for customers who wish to buy in bulk.

Nature’s Way coconut oil is very reasonably priced based on its quality and name brand. It costs significantly less than coconut supplements because it is not as concentrated. As with most products, buying larger containers of coconut oil supplements in bulk is more cost effective for frequent users. It may even be a good option for infrequent users, as coconut oil lasts at least a year, perhaps up to four if stored correctly.

What Could Be Better?

There are a few downsides.

  • Distinctive Taste: When used in cooking, the end product will likely taste at least slightly like coconuts. Not a problem for those who enjoy the taste.
  • Solid State: Stays liquid at higher ambient temperatures, but congeals to a solid when stored in the refrigerator or at cooler ambient temperatures. Can be a hassle to heat to a liquid when needed, but this problem is unavoidable with coconut oil that has no additives to keep it liquid.
  • Plastic Container: Comes in a plastic tub. Can be messy or difficult to handle, especially at higher room temperatures when the oil is in a liquid state. Does not come in a glass container like other coconut oils presumably to keep costs down.


Nature’s Way coconut oil is a reasonably priced and effective virgin coconut oil. It comes from a trusted health food and herbal supplement provider while still being cheap enough for daily use. The oil boasts a large number of certifications. These attest to its being healthy, pure and sustainable. Buying “the nature way” has its benefits.

It is not an ultra-premium, gourmet or super high-grade virgin coconut oil, but it is a great tasting and healthy oil priced for the everyday consumer. Despite having some potential difficulties, Nature’s Way coconut oil performs well whether it is being used as a cooking or beauty product.

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