Flower essence is the belief that a flower has a healing imprint that can be harnessed by soaking the flower in water for a period. This procedure was introduced in the 1920s but Dr. Edward Bach in the United Kingdom.

He created 38 flower essences, one for each emotion or condition of the human soul. Everything from depression, anger, anxiety and even the inability to say no has a flower essence designed to help.

In this article, we will uncover this Barmecide and learn the effects of flower essence. We will examine the Bach flower remedies and even take a sneak peek into Bach’s rescue remedy.

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a liquid created by soaking a flower in water and then storing the diluted flower tea on a shelf until it is ready to consume. It is similar to essential oils, crystal therapy, and other homeopathic treatments.

The exception is that unlike essential oils, flower essence treats the emotions and not the physical body. By ingesting the water directly by mouth, adding drops to a glass of water or even adding the water to a bath, you harness the healing properties of that flower (its essence, or imprint) and thereby directly receive the benefits.

Dr. Bach created 39 total essences to deal with the different emotional attributes displayed by humans. There are 38 such flower essences for the emotional body and one extra which is a combination essence known as the rescue remedy.

How are Flower Essences Made?

You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to make a flower essence. You just need to understand the process and what it is you are trying to gain from a particular flower.

There are three basic stages: Creating the mother essence, stock essences, and dosage essences. You start by creating one flower essence, the base, or mother essence. From there you continue creating smaller and smaller batches until you have a small dosage bottle for use.

Because this is a spiritual journey for emotional healing, you will be communing with nature. There is mutual respect between you and the flowers, remember that they are living things as well and be sure to talk with them and ask their permission to use their imprints.

You will need some basic supplies which you may already have laying around the house.

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Garden shears
  • Brandy or apple cider vinegar
  • Large cabbage leaf
  • Glass mason jar with fresh spring water
  • Crystal (or glass) bowl that you will dedicate to making flower essences
  • Glass funnel
  • large glass stock bottle
  • a few small glass eye dropper jars (not clear, use green or amber)

Once you have your materials, you need to find your flowers. Then, you are ready to begin.

Gather mature flowers and cut them off at the head. It is important that you do not touch them. Hold the cabbage leaf in one hand and cut the flower with the other, allowing the flower to fall onto the cabbage.

Place the water from the mason jar into the crystal bowl and place the flowers in the water face up, don’t allow them to touch. They will need to sit in the water for at least three hours in direct sunlight. You do not want to disturb the bowl, water or flowers during this time.

It is also noted not to use distilled water for this purpose. Some believe that the distilled water will kill the life force of the flower.

Using the cabbage leaf, remove the flowers from the water once the three-hour time has passed. As you are communing with nature, you should return the flower heads to the base of the plant you got them from. You now have your mother essence or base solution.

Using a 1:1 ratio fill your stock bottle with the fresh spring water and the brandy. Add a few drops (four to seven) of the mother essence to the stock bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the solutions thoroughly.

Congratulations, you now have a flower essence. You can transfer the solution to the smaller dropper bottles for use. Be sure to shake the bottles each time before use.

How to Use Flower Essences

The correct dosage will vary greatly from person to person, depending on who you ask. However, the general guideline is to add four drops of the essence directly under your tongue four times a day.

You can add the drops to a glass of water and drink it, or you can add it to your bath water. You shouldn’t ever take it with food though, instead, use your essence an hour before or an hour after meals.

You should start noticing the negative emotions and feelings being replaced in a couple of weeks. When you are first starting out, it is important only to use a single essence. Over time as you become accustomed to the process and the results, you can add up to five more Bach flower remedies to your daily intake.

Bach Flowers

There are 38 flowers that make up the Bach flower list. We will briefly list them for you here. Do not be afraid to venture outward though and discover your own, if you feel so inclined.

The flowers are listed in alphabetical order for you to easily locate the one you are looking for. The flower is listed along with the main emotional turmoil it will relieve.

  • Agrimony – Hiding agony behind your smile.
  • Aspen – A fear of the unknown.
  • Beech – Intolerance.
  • Centaury – Unable to say no to people.
  • Cerato – Not being able to trust your decisions.
  • Cherry Plum – Feeling like you are losing your mind.
  • Chestnut Bud – Repeating mistakes.
  • ChicoryChicory – Being selfish in love.
  • Clematis – Fear of the future while not doing anything about it.
  • Crab Apple – Self-hate.
  • Elm – Being overwhelmed.
  • Gentian – Inability to focus after failing.
  • Gorse – Sense of hopelessness.
  • Heather – Being self-centered.
  • HollyHolly – Feelings of hate, jealousy, and envy of or towards others.
  • Honeysuckle – Continuously being in the past, not looking forward.
  • Hornbeam – Boredom.
  • Impatiens – Being impatient.
  • Larch – Having no self-confidence.
  • Mimulus – Having a fear of the unknown.
  • Mustard – Depression.
  • OakOak – Working while exhausted.
  • Olive – Being mentally worn out.
  • Pine – Feeling guilty.
  • Red Chestnut – Being overprotective of your family.
  • Rock Rose – Unnerving fear.
  • Rock Water – Great feelings of self-doubt.
  • Scleranthus – Not having the ability to make decisions.
  • Star of Bethlehem – Suffering from shock or disbelief.
  • Sweet Chestnut – Feeling like there is nothing left.
  • Vervain – Being over-enthusiastic.
  • Vine – Having dominating tendencies.
  • Walnut – Needing protection from unwanted change.
  • Water Violet – Isolation beyond being an introvert.
  • White Chestnut – Arguing with oneself.
  • Wild OatWild Oat – Not knowing where to go in life.
  • Wild Rose – Apathy.
  • Willow – Self-resentment.

Each of the 38 flower essences will disperse the negative affliction associated with that flower and in time, you will have a more positive outlook in the regards of that emotional trait.

There is one other flower essence created by Dr. Bach that can help anyone in need of a major rescue.

flower essence

Bach Rescue Remedy

The Back rescue remedy was designed for an impromptu crisis. If something suddenly comes up and you are unable to prepare for the crisis, or situation adequately, this remedy is a sort of catch-all that will help with the stress and worry and fear of the situation you are facing.

It isn’t some distant magical flower, instead is it a mixture of five flowers into one flower essence. The Bach rescue remedy consists of:

  • Cherry Plum
  • Clematis
  • Impatiens
  • Rock Rose
  • Star of Bethlehem

You can follow the procedures outlined above to create your own rescue remedy for when it may be needed. However, if you find yourself using it daily, or consistently, you should instead focus on the underlying cause and create a long-term solution using another mixture.

The rescue remedy is a short-term essence designed to help in immediate situations. It should calm your nerves and allow the stress to dissipate. In turn, this will allow you to handle the situation and move on from the turmoil it could create.

Other Flowers

You can use virtually any flower for any reason. Perhaps you love the flower and want to absorb its imprint. Other flowers are said to have other imprints besides those listed above. However, the Bach flower essences are the most basic and easily obtained essences.

You can feel free to experiment and test different flowers. There haven’t been any reports of ill effects. There aren’t any known allergies except for those with an allergy to a specific flower, and the allergy is more likely to manifest during the creation of the base essence than in the taking of the final solution.

Local flowers are abundant in each region, and if you want to try flower essence from a different area, you can either travel or look for flower essences being sold in shops and online.

flower essence

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