If you experience chronic body pain of any kind, there’s always the possibility that your pain is somehow linked to your posture in some way.

This is one of the ideas behind the Egoscue Method, a kind of postural therapy based on the idea that pain is simply our body’s way of telling us that something needs to be fixed. Pain, then, isn’t something to try and “cover up” or “hide” with pain medication but something to treat at the source. Egoscue aims to eliminate pain at the source rather than only treating symptoms.

Egoscue was “invented” by anatomical physiologist Pete Egoscue in 1971 and is currently helping individuals all over the world.

The method claims to have a “94% success rate without the use of drugs, surgery or manipulation,” and can help with neck pain, back pain, knee pain, migraines, scoliosis, and more.

In addition to helping to eliminate the source of various pains and ailments, Egoscue can also lead to improvements in athletic performance and a general increase in your health and energy.

Interested in learning more about Egoscue? Continue reading for advice on getting started as well as some tips to keep in mind while practicing Egoscue.

Getting Started with the Practice of Egoscue

There are a few different ways to get started with Egoscue. The official Egoscue website offers a few options for receiving treatment from certified professionals, but there are also unofficial ways to learn about Egoscue.

“Official” Egoscue Practice

The official Egoscue website lists three ways you can get involved with Egoscue: in-person, over the internet using a webcam, or over the internet without a webcam.

Find a Clinic

The Egoscue website lists the locations of all its clinics. These are the locations you can expect to consistently find a clinic in your area.

If you don’t see anything local, there are also travel clinics that may pass through your area from time to time. Simply check the upcoming travel clinic schedule to see if an area near you will have an Egoscue clinic coming to it shortly.

The final in-person option is to find an Egoscue-certified practitioner. A certified practitioner is someone that has personally acquired a certain set of standards which qualify them as an “official” Egoscue practitioner. As of this time, there are certified practitioners in all 50 states in the US as well as in 15 other countries.

Webcam Therapy

Receiving postural help via a webcam is the first of two treatment options that can be done remotely. Webcam Egoscue can be done using either Skype or FaceTime (two popular video call apps) and allows you to receive essentially the same treatment over the internet that you can in-person. During each session, a certified professional will work with you one-on-one to address and fix any postural dysfunctions.

Online Egoscue (Without a Webcam)

Online therapy can also be done anywhere in the world but is completed without a webcam. Feedback is received by a professional after submitting photos and includes a personalized set of exercises and instructional videos.

“Unofficial” Egoscue — Egoscue at Home

EgoscueWhile arguably the best Egoscue therapy is that which is received by trained professionals, you can also take matters into your own hands if you want to.

Online Videos

YouTube can be a valuable resource for learning about Egoscue from the comfort of your home. On YouTube, you should be able to find a variety of videos targeting specific problem areas of the body.

However, since there won’t be a professional evaluating your posture and form, you’ll have to do your best to follow the exercises as closely as possible. You’ll also definitely want to make sure the videos that you choose to watch come from reputable YouTube channels. There are several official Egoscue clinics that have videos up on YouTube, so these videos would be a good place to start.


You can find Egoscue-related books on Amazon, or possibly at your local bookstore. One particularly popular book is Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain by the founder himself, Pete Egoscue. The book has received all kinds of praise and contains exercise instructions, photos, and illustrations.

Other Online Resources

There are other resources online for learning about Egoscue and its exercises and principles. You may have to do a bit of searching, but if you look hard enough, you can find quality articles and website devoted to educating individuals about Egoscue.

“Pete’s Articles” are a series of articles by Pete Egoscue — founder of Egoscue — that are freely available on the official website.

Egoscue Exercises

We won’t show you any specific Egoscue exercises, but we’ll outline the basic principles of Egoscue therapy with you. We think this will be more beneficial, as the principles of this kind of therapy are one of its the most important aspects. You can see the above sections for resources on where to find specific exercises.

  • Practice every day – One of the most important practices to follow when doing Egoscue exercises is that daily practice — or as close to daily as possible — is necessary if you want to acquire great posture. If you only do the exercises every once in a while, there will be little to no benefit.
  • Tailor the exercises to your own body – If you can’t perform a certain exercise, you don’t want to push yourself too far, as this can cause injury. If you perform an exercise as close to perfect as you can, your form will improve over time.
  • Practice at home – Even if you visit with a certified practitioner in person, you’ll want to do the prescribed activities at home as well. Doing the exercises at home, on your own, is especially important if you’re not practicing Egoscue in person.
  • Exercise variety – Some exercises may seem unrelated to the area of your body that ails you — this is by design. Sometimes, in order to help certain muscles, it can be beneficial to work on other areas of the body.
  • Practice proper form – Try practicing in front of a mirror if you’re at home. You’ll also want to constantly be self-evaluating while performing an exercise to ensure you aren’t doing it incorrectly.

Learn More

Egoscue exercises can be highly effective when practiced regularly, and correctly. You can learn about and practice Egoscue with trained professionals, or you can do everything at home if you need to. For more information about Egoscue, you’ll want to check out the Egoscue website.

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