Unwind from a hectic day, get the relief you are looking for, or focus on starting your morning off right with the best tea to drink. According to the Tea Association of the USA, on any given day over 158 million Americans are drinking tea. It is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, next to the water. Whether you are an iced tea or a hot tea drinker, the base of any brew should be a strong brand of tea that is formulated to your tastes.

Benefits of Using This Product

There are benefits of drinking tea on a regular basis. The herbs used in the most popular blends around the world provide healing benefits. Teas have been used for hundreds, or even thousands of years, for benefits which include:

  • Reducing your risk of stroke or heart attack
  • Containing antioxidants to keep your body safe
  • Getting a caffeine boost that isn’t as high as in coffee
  • Potentially in the protection of your bones
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Being free of calories
  • Helping bring relief to your digestive system
  • Increasing your endurance and help decrease your waistline along the way

How to Choose the Best Tea to Drink

Selecting the right tea isn’t simple. Refreshments are available in over 3,000 varieties including black, dark, oolong, green/white, and herbal. Of these categories, you have options which are seemingly endless. For complete beginners, try selecting tea seems like it fits your favorite flavor profiles in foods. When looking at drinks see if you can narrow these options by answering these questions:

  • Do you want a tea with caffeine?
  • Do you prefer flavored or straight tea?
  • Do you like a little bit of body that is relaxing?
  • Are you looking for a specific remedy through your tea?
  • Do you prefer fruity flavors?

Do You Want to Buy Bulk Tea?

Some tea enthusiasts are committed to purchasing bulk tea online. Whether you feel like loose leaf tea is better tasting, more authentic, or easier to use, there are places for bulk tea purchasing. Many of the best tea brands also sell loose leaf tea in mass amounts.

If you are looking for bulk tea, be sure to consider the following facts:

  • A one-pound purchase should last a considerable amount of time
  • Purchase brews you’ve tried before
  • You can purchase different herbs to create your blend at home
  • Research the specific type you are thinking about buying to see if it suits your preferences
  • When buying in person, be sure to make sure the store is clean
  • When buying online, choose tea from a reputable source with sharp business practices that are well-established

How Should You Prepare Your Tea?

Preparation of tea should be done according to the specifications on the box. As a general rule, you should put your tea bags in water that was previously brought to a rolling boil. After steeping the tea for the recommended amount of time, it is ready to drink. Iced tea often calls for a higher concentration of tea bags in the making of your brew.

There are specific health considerations for tea drinkers. Women that are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume specific herbal blends. Be sure to consult with your physician if worried about any medication interacting with herbs in your tea.

The Best Tea to Drink

Best tea to drinkWhen you buy a new type of tea, how do you make the right decision? The best tea to drink often depends on the brand you are purchasing. No matter your taste preference a great place to start is by brand. The best tea brands are focused on quality brewing, a superior product line, and innovations to keep your palate entertained.


Rooted in a tea making process and the creation of the most exceptional brews, Twinings is the right brand to start with if you are committed to finding the best tea to drink. Twinings has been around for 300 years and began in England, the home of the best tea in the world. They have a complete range of products available, whether you want caffeinated or decaf, k-cups or tea bags, or tart versus sweet.

Some of their most popular blends include English Breakfast Tea, Orange and Cinnamon Spice, Price of Wales (Pure Black Tea), Darjeeling, and Earl Grey Tea.


  • The brand has been around since 1706
  • They are committed to quality control
  • Available in loose leaves, k-cups, and tea bags
  • Try a variety pack if you don’t know where to start
  • More than 50 options for you to try with 20 varieties in K-cups


  • Some of the instructions for brewing the perfect cup are extensive
  • There are so many options it gets overwhelming

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings boasts the sales of 1.6 billion cups of tea per year. You have seen Celestial Seasonings in the store. Once you spot one of their beautifully-designed boxes with their distinctive illustrations, your eye gets immediately drawn to the product. Perhaps most known for their Sleepytime caffeine-free blend, the company is committed to blends for specific taste preferences. Don’t miss out on their Fruit Tea Sampler, Herbal Tea Sampler, Nutcracker Sweet, Morning Thunder, and Tension Tamer.

Celestial Seasonings recently introduced their line of “tea lattes” which are an original product in the tea space. For parties interested in bulk teas, go directly to the Celestial Seasonings website. It is worth noting that this brand also owns and operates Celestial Organics.


  • Availability at numerous retail stores and online locations
  • The company is committed to giving back which is a big selling point for buyers interested in caring for others
  • The Sleepytime formula really helps you unwind and its available in a few flavors
  • They hire iconic artists for the illustrations on their boxes


  • Stringless bags are inconvenient for some users
  • You might need to try a few blends before you find the one you love to drink


Looking for a pioneer in the world of blending teas and using it in unexpected ways? Tazo encourages users to drink the tea whether it is a hot blend or incorporated into a recipe that makes use of Tazo tea. Their slogan is “sip joyfully.” Customers love Tazo because of its intense flavors; the Passion tea is highly regarded as one of the best in the industry (it blends hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips, and lemongrass).

Some of the unique flavors you can buy from Tazo tea include Vanilla Bean Macaron, Passion, Refresh Mint, Organic Peachy Green, Scarlet Citrus Rooibos, and Cucumber Passion.


  • They sell specific blends for iced tea
  • Get exciting uses for tea on their website, including icing recipes that use tea
  • They always add new blends and brews if you are daring
  • The company gives back to improve wellness in communities through education and access
  • Purchase k-cups for easy brewing


  • New blends aren’t available in every store
  • Some may not like their non-traditional blends

Harney & Sons

Made by Master Blenders, Harney & Sons has a reputation for excellent teas. They blend luxury with inventive blending in all of their teas. While they are committed to tradition, they also work to maintain a fresh blend of products. A great place to start with Harney & Sons is to purchase a collection; the classic collection is a best-selling option. They make all of the following types: Black, Oolong, Herbal, Flavored, Green, White, and Matcha Teas.

Harney & Sons have a unique product category called art tea which combines both the flavor and the visuals of tea for a complete drinking experience. You place the drink in hot water and the buds in the brew blossom to create a stunning looking-drink.


  • Feel like a royal family member with their Royal collection
  • Take advantage of bulk purchases with Harney & Sons
  • An easy to use rating system for every tea mix comes with a number for Briskness, Body, and Aroma
  • Get information on their website about Brewing the Perfect Cup of Harney Tea
  • Support a family-owned business


  • It is tough to narrow down all of your options
  • Boxes of tea contain a large number of tea bags

The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea is transparent about their tea manufacturing details, which proves they are committed to a quality product. In fact, their blenders evaluate all brews during the conducting of taste tests. They have been in business for more than 25 years because they make excellent blends. Some of the favorites sold across the world include British Breakfast, Earl Greyer, and Ginger Peach Black Tea, and Pumpkin Spice or Hot Apple Cider seasonally.


  • They use full leaves in their blends
  • Easy to understand blend names help you soothe ailments like digestive problems or lethargy
  • Packages typically come in 36 bags at once
  • Flavors to suit all taste preferences


  • Most of their teas are gluten-free, but not all!
  • Some of their teas rate high on the spice level

Now, Start Drinking!

When it comes to finding the best tea, a large percentage of the search is a personal decision. You can start by purchasing tea from one of the best brands on the market, but your taste is likely different than the person next to you. Try different blends and be adventurous in your purchases. Be sure to try Twinings, Celestial Seasonings, Tazo, Harney & Sons, and The Republic of Tea on your search for the best tea. Once you find the right blend, you just might find yourself investing in bulk tea.

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