You know you need to take care of your body, and great magnesium supplements are a part of that. But how do you know which supplements contain everything you need? And when it comes to the best magnesium supplement, how do you choose?

After all, studies show that only 48 percent of supplements contain what is on the label. That can be bad news when you’re trying to choose the best magnesium supplement. So how do you get around this? One way to do it is to rely on the reviews left by the consumers who use the products.

Best Magnesium Supplement Comparison Ta​​​​ble

What is Magnesium?

Magnesium is a mineral naturally produced by your body. It is essential to good health and plays an important role in many bodily functions. For example, the best magnesium supplement will contribute to over 300 enzyme systems in your body. It helps muscle and nerve function, blood glucose levels, and regulates blood pressure. It is necessary for energy production and keeps your bones healthy. Magnesium also plays a role in normal heart rhythm, muscle contraction, and nerve impulse conduction. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium for adults is 240 mg to 420 mg.

If your body is short of magnesium, it will begin to draw it from the stored magnesium in your bones. Can you see why the best magnesium supplement is so important?

The 7 Types of Magnesium Supplements

When looking for the best magnesium supplement, you will find seven different types to choose from. All of these affect your health in different ways. When choosing the best magnesium supplement, you should buy a chelated form of the mineral. Your body can absorb this type of magnesium more easily because it is bound to amino acid proteins. It’s also easier to digest.

Please keep in mind that to find the best magnesium supplement for you, you really should speak to your doctor. He or she will take into account your entire medical history and recommend the best magnesium supplement for your needs. Here is a brief overview of each type of magnesium supplement.

Magnesium L-Threonate

If you want to support your cognitive function, this form of magnesium best does that. That’s because it’s able to cross the blood-brain barrier. Studies show that this type of magnesium supplement can improve your working memory and ability to learn.

Magnesium Malate

If more energy is your goal, this is the best magnesium supplement you can buy. It ups your energy levels and allows you to perform at optimal rates.

Magnesium Taurate

On the opposite end of the spectrum is magnesium taurate. It is the best magnesium supplement if you want to experience calmness and peace of mind. This type of magnesium supplement also supports better heart health.

Magnesium Glycinate

If you want your magnesium supplement to help you relax, this is probably the right one for you. It calms your nerves and allows you to unwind and relax.

Magnesium Orotate

If you want the best magnesium for heart health, orotate should be your choice. This magnesium supplement is known for supporting health and wellness.

Magnesium Aspartate

Are you tired and want the best magnesium supplement to fight that fatigue and give you some energy? The best magnesium supplement to do both of these things is aspartate. It will give you that energy boost you’re looking for and take away the fatigue.

Magnesium Citrate

Some people take this type of magnesium to relieve constipation.

​How Other Supplements Affect Your Magnesium Levels

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​You need healthy levels of both vitamin D and magnesium, but taking too much of one may result in a severe deficiency of the other. One study shows that when people took too much vitamin D, it results in a severe magnesium deficiency. On the other hand, your body cannot metabolize vitamin D without magnesium.

Too much calcium and phosphorous can also deplete the magnesium in your body, so if you’re taking these supplements, you may want to get testing to ensure your magnesium levels are stable.

​Why Your Body Needs Magnesium

Because the best magnesium supplement program affects every function in your body, it’s essential that you get the right one. But that’s a pretty overwhelming statement, isn’t it? Here are some specific ways magnesium works in your body.

In addition to the benefits we’ve already talked about in this article such as brain health and vitamin D balancing, magnesium supplements offer even more benefits. For instance, it plays a key role in muscle contraction, modulates insulin signal transduction and secretion and helps with cell proliferation.

The best magnesium supplement program does other things that make your daily life more enjoyable, as well. For instance,  promotes more restful sleep, stabilizes your mood, reduces stress, and promotes better bone and heart health.

​Can You Take Too Much Magnesium?

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While magnesium supplements are an important addition to your wellness routine, you can take too much of it. If you exceed the RDA and take large doses of magnesium, it will cause the mineral to build up in your body. Some of the possible consequences are irregular heartbeat, confusion, slowed breathing, falling into a coma, low blood pressure, and even death.

Sometimes you don’t need an overdose of magnesium to experience negative side effects. Some reported side effects are an upset stomach, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.

​Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

On the other hand, not having enough magnesium in your body can do some serious harm. There are three stages of magnesium deficiency, and each has specific symptoms.

Early Stages of Magnesium Deficiency

In the early stages of magnesium deficiency, you will likely experience unexplained vomiting, nausea, lack of appetite, weakness, and fatigue. If you experience these symptoms, it’s wise to see a doctor and ask to have your magnesium levels checked.

Progression of Magnesium Deficiency

If the deficiency continues, your symptoms will worsen. At this point, you will begin to experience cramps and muscle contractions, numbness, and tingling in your extremities, personality changes, and abnormal heart rhythms. In addition, you could experience seizures and coronary spasms. You might also experience hypocalcemia, which is lower calcium levels in the blood, and hypokalemia, or lower potassium blood levels.

Prolonged Magnesium Deficiency

If the magnesium deficiency goes on unchecked for some time, it can lead to serious medical complications. Some risk factors are type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Obviously, it’s important to speak with your doctor about the best magnesium supplement before things progress to this stage.

Foods Rich in Magnesium

Of course, the best magnesium supplements shouldn’t have to do all the work in getting your body enough of the mineral. You can eat certain foods that will help boost your magnesium levels naturally. Here are the foods highest in the mineral that you should to your supplementation program:

  • Pumpkins seeds
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Cashews
  • Black beans
  • Roasted almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Shredded wheat cereal
  • Soy milk
  • Edamame
  • Dark chocolate
  • Peanut butter

​​How We Reviewed the Best Magnesium Supplement Options

Now that you understand the importance of getting enough magnesium, and you have spoken to your doctor about the right dosage for you, let’s talk about your options. We search the internet far and wide for the best magnesium supplement reviews from people who have used the products. And that’s how we came up with the list we are proud to present to you below.

​How Much Do the Best Magnesium Supplement Bottles Cost?

We realized that not everyone is on the same budget, and that’s why our review list contains supplement options in every price range. You will find some highly affordable options, along with others that are considered high end. The prices range from affordable to high .

​The 8 Best Magnesium Supplements

​Are you ready to check out your options? Here are the ten highest rated magnesium supplements we could find.

Nature Made Extra Strength Magnesium...
  • Muscle support supplement: contains one 60 count bottle of Nature Made Extra Strength Magnesium 400 mg Softgels for a 60-day supply
  • Nature Made Magnesium Oxide 400 mg is a dietary supplement that helps support nerve health, muscle health and heart health


For those who are on a budget but expect quality, the Nature Made brand offers exactly that. Many consumers trust this brand, and its prices are affordable. It offers a high-potency magnesium supplement that comes in a soft gel and only has to be taken once a day. It is 400 mg, so for an adult looking to get the optimal levels, it’s a good choice.

You can find Nature Made magnesium at Target, or Expect to pay affordable  to more than average price for the bottle that contains 150 capsules. It scores a 5.0 out of 5.0 stars, and reviewers rave about the results they see after taking this supplement.

Life Extension Magnesium Caps 500 mg –...
  • THE MAGNESIUM TRIFECTA – Our Magnesium Caps formula has three different kinds of magnesium: magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate and magnesium succinate. This makes it a well-rounded supplement that offers the daily dose of magnesium your body needs.
  • WHY IS MAGNESIUM IMPORTANT? Your body needs magnesium to support heart and bone health, promote energy metabolism, brain performance and more. This essential mineral even supports healthy endothelial function—an essential part of cardiovascular health.


If you avoid meat, Life Extension offers a magnesium supplement that is vegetarian, and you only have to take it once a day. This manufacturer claims to include four types of magnesium in each pill, and say it helps heal a wide variety of ailments. It comes in 500 mg strength, which is higher than the RDA for adults.

You will find Life Extension magnesium supplements on the Life Extension website, or Amazon. You should expect to pay affordable to more than average price for 100 capsules. Reviewers are happy with their purchase giving it a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars across more than 300 reviews.

Magnesium Buffered Chelate by Designs...
  • More Magnesium, Fewer Pills - Our patented process delivers a 50% higher dose of elemental magnesium per capsule than is possible with magnesium bisglycinate alone.*
  • Improved Magnesium Absorption - Magnesium competes for absorption with other minerals. Magnesium bisglycinate chelate can bypass normal modes of absorption in the intestine, which helps allow larger amounts of magnesium to be absorbed more quickly.*


If you want magnesium in chelate form for better absorption, you can find it at Designs for Health. This company offers a 240 count chelated magnesium supplement. It is also buffered to eliminate any risk of gastrointestinal distress. The capsules are 300 mg each.

Look for Designs for Health magnesium supplements at Ideal Vitamins and Amazon. You will pay more than average to high price for this bottle of magnesium, but the reviews left for the product make it seem worthwhile. It ranks a 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. Most of the reviews are good, but one Amazon reviewer expresses concern that the bottle doesn’t have a “manufactured on” date like the Design for Health bottles typically do.


Here is another chelated magnesium supplement that offers a better price but lower mg. The Doctor’s Best magnesium bottle come with 240 tablets and is highly absorbable. But it only comes with a 100 mg strength, so to go the recommended RDA for most adults, you would have to take 4 tablets a day.

You can find the supplement at Vitacost and Destination Vitamins. Expect to pay affordable to more than average price for the bottle. Reviewers give the supplement a 4.5 out of 5.5 stars. Some of them say that the pill is a little large, and if you have trouble swallowing big pills, you should try another brand.

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium (Citrate)...
  • Heart Health: Magnesium activates the enzymes necessary for a number of physiological functions, including neuromuscular contractions, cardiac function, and the regulation of the acid-alkaline balance in the body.*
  • Overall Health & Nutrient Metabolism: This vital mineral helps the metabolism and utilization of many essential nutrients, including vitamin B6, vitamin C, and vitamin E.*


This manufacturer boasts about having no added chemicals or substances to their supplements so people who want pure minerals like this brand. This bottle contains 180 capsules at 120 mg’s each. It is magnesium glycinate, which is known for reducing inflammation.

You can find Pure Encapsulations at Pure Formulas or Vitacost. Prices range from more than average to a bit high price for the supplement. It rates a 5.0 out of 5.0 stars with many reviewers talking about the quality of the supplement.

Puritan's Pride High Potency Magnesium...
  • Supports bone health
  • 500mg tablets, Take 1 tablet daily


This is another budget-friendly magnesium supplement from a well-known and trusted brand. Puritan’s Pride 500 mg magnesium comes with 100 tablets.

You will find these supplements on Amazon and the Puritan’s Pride website. Expect to pay affordable to more than affordable price for these reasonably-priced supplements. Reviewers gave them a 4.8 out of 5.0 stars across almost 100 reviews.

Source Naturals Ultra-Mag...
  • SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH. Research suggests that healthy homecysteine levels play a role in cardiovascular health. Enzymes support healthy homocysteine levels in the blood and many are dependent on vitamin B-6.
  • ULTRA-MAG BENEFITS. Ultra-Mag uses a complex blend of highly bioactive forms of magnesium—citrate, taurinate, malate, glycinate and succinate— to provide all of the benefits that magnesium offers. In addition to supplying 100 percent of the body’s daily magnesium needs, our formula includes vitamin B-6 to further support cardiovascular health.


This is of the best magnesium supplement for the health conscience. It is vegetarian-friendly and has no sugar, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, gluten, artificial color, preservative, or fragrance. Its 60 capsules contain 400 mg of magnesium.

Look for Source Naturals at The Vitamin Shop and iHerb. You will pay more than average price for this supplement, depending on where you buy it. It gets a solid 4.6 out of 5.0 stars with almost 300 reviewers chiming in.

No products found.

No products found.


If you like to get your magnesium from natural foods, look no further than MegaFood. The minerals in this supplement come entirely from food. It offers 60 tablets with 50 mg of pure food magnesium. The manufacturer recommends taking one a day.

You will find MegaFood magnesium supplements at Lucky Vitamin and the MegaFood website. Prices range from more than average price for the natural supplements. Reviewers give this magnesium a 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.

What is the Best Magnesium Supplement for You?

When looking for the best magnesium supplement, it’s important to take your time and learn about your options. Then talk to your doctor to find out he has any recommendation for you. Magnesium can be a great way to stay healthy and, you’ll have plenty of quality supplements to choose from when starting your program. Do you take magnesium supplements? If so, we would love to hear about any great brands that we didn’t include in our list!

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