If you're still boiling water for tea on your stovetop, it may be time to find the best electric tea kettle. Why not just keep boiling water for tea on your stovetop? You can, but there are some valid reasons for updating your boiled water game.

If you're thinking about making the switch, how do you know which kettle is the best electric tea kettle for you? There are many factors to consider and some of them may be new to you. Let's jump into the details.

Best Electric Tea Kettle Comparison Table

The Search for the Best Electric Tea Kettle

Electric tea kettles took off in the U.K. decades ago, but it has taken Americans longer to get into the trend. That is mostly because, until recent years, Americans didn't drink as much tea as the Brits do. There is also a voltage issue. Kettles boil faster across the pond.

There's an entire Reddit thread exclusively discussing this topic. As of late, electric tea kettles continue to spike in the United States.

What is an Electric Tea Kettle?

Electric tea kettles aren't just for boiling water for tea. You can also use your electric tea kettle to boil water for oatmeal, ramen noodles, hot cocoa, and instant coffee. You can even boil water in your kettle to make pasta.

The Benefits of Electric Tea Kettles

Tea Kettle

Electric tea kettles boil water faster, most within five minutes. They don't whistle, which is great unless you're one of the rare individuals who finds a whistling kettle charming (and if you are, we're not judging!). Because most have an automatic shutoff, there's no risk of boiling the best electric tea kettle dry.

Most importantly for tea drinkers, the best electric kettles are very precise. Different kinds of tea are optimal at various temperatures. For example, green and white teas require a slightly lower temperature, between 160 degrees and 180 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what area of the world it's from. When you overboil water, it loses its vibrancy and can taste flat. Tea made with flat water doesn't retain its full flavor potential.

Portability and Safety

An electric tea kettle is also easier to carry around with you. If you're traveling, or want to boil water at work for tea or oatmeal, the portability makes it easy to take an electric kettle with you. They're also ideal for college dorm rooms.

Another issue to think about is safety. Most stovetop kettles have safe handles that don't get hot, but safety is still a concern. If you have kids, teens, or seniors in your household boiling water, this should be your primary reason for looking for the best electric tea kettle.

There is another reason to consider switching to the best electric tea kettle: your carbon footprint. The U.S. Department of Energy tested the energy usage of an electric tea kettle versus a microwave, and the kettle won hands-down. As for heating water on the stovetop, much of the energy is spent heating the air around the kettle.

It's not just about the energy cost. When we boil water on the stove or in the microwave, we tend to boil more than we need, therefore wasting water. Watch this short video.


Types of Electric Tea Kettles

When choosing the best electric tea kettle, options can be overwhelming. We're going to review glass, stainless steel, and plastic kettles to find the best electric tea kettle.


Glass Electric Tea Kettles

Odor and taste retention isn't an issue with glass kettles because cleaning is easier than with other options. However, a downside is that glass kettles are also more fragile than other materials.

Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettles

Stainless steel kettles are easy to maintain and clean. If they discolor, they withstand scrubbing. There can sometimes be a metallic taste after boiling water in a stainless steel kettle.

Plastic Electric Tea Kettles

We don't favor plastic kettles, for a number of reasons. People are increasingly concerned about using plastic for food and beverages. Furthermore, some plastic kettles leave an aftertaste in your water. That said, some people may have reasons for wanting a plastic electric tea kettle, so we've reviewed two of the most popular ones.

How We Reviewed for the Best Electric Tea Kettle

In our efforts to find the best electric tea kettle for all tea types, our primary consideration was variable temperature options. We did take into account ease of use and appearance, but these were lesser considerations since we were looking for the best electric tea kettle for serious tea drinkers. The best electric tea kettle should be safe to use, so we only reviewed kettles that offer auto shutoff.

Our 10 Favorite Electric Tea Kettles

The choices for the best electric tea kettle can be overwhelming. One person's desired features may not be those of another person. Every shopper's budget varies, too. Some will want a top of the line kettle and others will be seeking a more affordable electric tea kettle. Here are our top 10.

1. Aicok Electric Kettle with British Strix Control

No products found.


This kettle boils 1.7 liters of water. It is Premium 304 stainless steel. The clear sight window allows you to see the water level. This kettle is cordless. Amazon reviewers rated the Aicok kettle 4.4 out of 5 stars. Reviewers enjoy the small strainer cup that is convenient for putting in tea leaves. Unfortunately, this kettle does not offer variable temperatures.

Some reviewers said that the Aicok kettle takes longer to boil water than other kettles they've used, though others said that it's fast. They also said that it's loud, and the steel part gets very hot, so it's not safe to touch. One reviewer said that there was a plastic smell at first but that it went away after a few days of use.


Aicok offers a two-year warranty. This kettle is  very affordable.

2. Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle


The Cuisinart PerfecTemp boils 1.7 liters of water in 4 to 5 minutes. It has six temperature settings to accommodate different varieties of tea. There is also a handy keep-warm option that will hold the temperature for 30 minutes. The backlit water window makes it easy to see how much water you're adding. The PerfecTemp is cordless and lightweight, another great bonus if portability is something you're looking for. This unit is stainless steel on the inside except for two small pieces of plastic, which Cuisinart says are BPA free.

Reviewers rated this kettle 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Cuisinart website, but only 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Amazon reviewers enjoyed the sleep mode option and preset temperature settings. The removable and cleanable scale filter is another plus.

There were reviewers who were unhappy with the PerfecTemp. Foremost is the price. It's considerably more expensive than other kettles. The pop-up lid opens quickly, so escaping steam can be a safety issue. Apparently, this unit is loud after months of use, according to some reviewers. One even described it as an ear-piercing "squeal." That may or may not be an issue, depending on where you plan to use it.


Cuisinart offers a limited three-year warranty. The price range is more than average price.

3. Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel 1.7 Liter Kettle


The Hamilton Beach kettle heats four cups of water in four to five minutes. Amazon reviewers gave this kettle 4.2 out of 5 stars. The positive reviews were mostly people just happy with electric kettles in general. They like the convenience, the auto shutoff, and various other features. There are few rave reviews about the awesomeness of this particular kettle.

Here are some of the cons. The kettle is stainless steel, but the top is plastic. Reviewers weren't delighted with this. Another complaint is that unlike some of the models, this kettle doesn't come with an indicator bell. More than one reviewer said that their kettles stopped working after six months to a year. Another found water leaking out of the bottom of the kettle onto the base.


Hamilton Beach offers a one-year warranty on this kettle. The price is very affordable.

4. Zell Stainless Steel Tea & Coffee Cordless Electric Kettle


The Zell gooseneck kettle is pure stainless steel. The water capacity for the Zell is only 0.75 liters, so it's suitable for people who need to boil only 1 to 2 cups of water.

Amazon reviewers rated the Zell kettle 4.3 out of 5 stars. Most reviewers are happy that no water ever comes into contact with plastic. Though it's smaller than many kettles, some of the reviewers found this to be ideal for their needs. Reviewers liked that the cord stores in the base.

There were a few negatives reported by Amazon reviewers. Though no water comes into contact with plastic, the outside of the lid is plastic, and the steam vents create a plastic smell that annoyed some reviewers. One big issue that multiple reviewers reported is that after three months to one year, water started leaking from the bottom. This kettle doesn't have a thermostat, so if you're looking for more options for specialty teas, it won't be a good fit for you.


We were unable to find warranty information on Zell's website. This kettle costs around an affordable price.

5. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle


The AmazonBasics kettle has a capacity of one liter. It has cord wrap for easy, compact storage. The filter is removable for easy cleaning. It features BPA-free food contact materials.

Amazon reviewers rated the AmazonBasics kettle 4.6 out of 5 stars. The positive reviews mostly mentioned the great price and ease of use. Users like that it takes up a small area on the countertop and boils water fast. In other words, they like the standard features you get with most kettles.

Unfortunately, this kettle has some features that make it unappealing to serious tea drinkers. The water window is plastic, which means that your water comes into contact with plastic. It also doesn't have a keep warm feature, which most tea drinkers enjoy. One reviewer says it's hard to clean. Furthermore, the body is not insulated and gets very hot, so the safety of this kettle is in question.


This kettle has the AmazonBasics one-year limited warranty and costs very affordably.

6. T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living Electric Travel Cordless Kettle


T-fal's electric tea kettle heats one liter of water. This tea kettle has variable temperature controls, a water level window, and a removable anti-scale filter. T-fal claims that water boils in 90 seconds, which is faster than most of the kettles on our list. This kettle is BPA free. Amazon reviewers rated T-fal's kettle 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewers love the fact that this kettle boils water so quickly. If you're looking for a good plastic kettle, this may be your best option.

Here are the cons. One reviewer tested the temperature of the water after it boiled, and he said that the temp selector only works if the kettle is filled all the way to the one-liter mark. That is a negative for users who are concerned about water usage, but another reviewer said that she got boiling water with half a pot. The inside is plastic, so even though this kettle is well-reviewed, it's eliminated for most serious tea drinkers.


It comes with T-fal's limited one-year warranty and costs very affordable.

7. BELLA 1.2L Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle


BELLA's kettle is the only ceramic kettle on our list. We wanted to cover all of the best electric tea kettle options, so we chose this one to review. This kettle has a capacity of 1.2 liters and heats in 5 to 6 minutes.

Reviewers on BELLA's website gave it a 4.2 out of 5 stars and say that getting replacement parts like a broken lid is fairly easy. Other reviewers love the beautiful design of this kettle, and the ceramic body doesn't get as hot as some stainless steel kettles do. The company confirmed that the ceramic glaze is lead-free.

Amazon reviewers rated this kettle 4.0 out of 5 stars. A big con of this kettle is that it doesn't offer variable temperatures, which makes it a no-go for most serious tea drinkers. Because it's ceramic, it's not a lightweight kettle. You have to open it and look inside to see the water level.


This kettle comes with a two-year limited warranty. It costs very affordable.

8. Mueller Austria Ultra Kettle

No products found.


This Mueller glass kettle is made with Borosilicate glass and holds 1.8 liters of water. It heats a full pot in about nine minutes. This kettle is cordless and has a LED-backlit water window with measure marks.

Amazon reviewers rated this kettle 4.4 out of 5 stars. Although the water comes into contact with plastic when it's poured via the spout, it doesn't have a weird flavor as some stainless steel and plastic kettles do, according to reviewers. One reviewer loved that the bottom stays cool and doesn't heat her countertop.

This kettle does have some negatives. The water boiled in this kettle will come into contact with plastic via the spout. The inside of the kettle is all glass. One reviewer said her kettle started out great but degraded quickly. It also becomes noisy after a month or so, according to one reviewer, and has leaking issues. There's no keep warm feature.


The Mueller kettle comes with a 100 percent 2-year warranty and costs between more than average price.

9. Secura The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle 1.8 Quart


The Secura kettle holds 1.7 liters of water. It has a stainless steel pot and lid, and a 100 percent stainless steel interior. It's available in different colors, including a fun orange and vibrant red, as well as black, white, and even dark purple.

Amazon reviewers gave this kettle 4.3 out of 5 stars. Reviewers like that the water boiled in the Secura kettle has zero contact with plastic. It features a cool-touch exterior with double-wall construction, which makes it more appealing than some of the other kettles on our list. Reviewers like that the water doesn't come into contact with any plastic and that the interior is completely seamless stainless steel.

There are a few negatives. This kettle is heavier than most kettles, but it's because of the extra materials they use to make it double-walled. Also, this kettle lacks variable temperatures. Some reviewers said that rust spots appear on the base after a couple of days of use. Another said that it stopped working after only seven months of use.


This kettle has a two-year warranty. It will set you back anywhere from affordable to high price, mostly depending on the color you choose.

10. Gourmia GTP9815 Tea & Coffee Pot Glass Loose Leaf Tea Maker


The Gourmia kettle is unique on our list because it's made of food-grade silicone. You can put 0.75 quarts of water in this kettle. It has a collapsible design, making it appealing to users who need portability or have storage limitations.

Amazon reviewers rate this kettle 4.5 out of 5 stars. Because it's small, this kettle is ideal for a person who drinks a cup or two of tea per day. Reviewers love that it's collapsible, making it convenient for storage and travel.

There were some complaints. One reviewer said although the kettle shuts off, the switch remains on. When the water temperature goes down, it will start to boil again. That is a huge negative. Another reviewer said that you can't re-boil the water without dumping the water out and starting over, or adding cold water to the unit to bring the water temperature down. Multiple reviewers said that it doesn't really fold down seamlessly. Also, there are no variable temperatures.


Gourmia offers a one-year limited warranty. The cost for this kettle is very affordable

Which One Is the Best Electric Tea Kettle?

After careful review and consideration, we think the best electric tea kettle for all tea types is the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle. It's not perfect, but no tea kettle will meet all the wants and needs of every tea drinker. For serious tea drinkers, this kettle is the best electric tea kettle because of its durability and variable temperature settings. While it's pricier than the other kettles on the list, it's not the most expensive kettle on the market. It should meet the needs of most tea enthusiasts.

We hope this helps you choose the best electric tea kettle. Happy boiling, and drink up!

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