It’s no secret that lemon water has innumerable benefits to the body and mind. In fact, we consider lemon water to be a health fanatic’s best friend. This is because it is simple to make, always affordable, and it contains countless goodies that aid in digestion and day-to-day performance. Oh—and did we mention it’s also super delicious?

While some critics dismiss lemon water as a fad, you can rest assured that they have simply never tried it. This is because lemon water is fast absorbing, which means the benefits are almost immediately noticeable. Plus, we do not think that anyone could deny how refreshing a glass of lemon water is after a long night’s sleep.

If this quick-and-easy beverage sounds right for you (which, let’s be honest—it is!) then read on. We went all-out to put together the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about the benefits of lemon water.    

Your New Go-to Morning Drink

Step aside lemon juice, because lemon water is our new citrus favorite. And it’s not just because of the light, refreshing taste.

Lemon water is a super low-cal beverage that punches well above its weight in terms of its benefits to the human body. Proponents of lemon water highlight how it has been linked to decreased constipation, better sleep, faster weight loss, and tighter skin. But that does not even begin to list everything that lemon water has to offer.

For the most part, most of the benefits of lemon water are derived from its vitamin C content and unique flavonoids. Science has proven that, like many citrus fruits, lemons are packed with vitamin C, which is necessary for the maintenance of a proper immune system. (Pro-tip: You can get an extra helping of vitamin C is you eat the lemon slice afterward!).

Also, as an acidic beverage, lemon water has the power to boost your body’s internal digestion processes. This make it easier to have a bowel movement and can encourage regularity.

But that’s not all. Lemons are also loaded with other goodies such as B-complex vitamins, calcium, magnesium, fiber, potassium, and iron. Each of these is necessary ingredients for a healthy, complete diet.

Not to mention, lemon water also freshens your breath through its crisp, sweet notes. So unlike other morning beverages, you don’t have to worry about brushing your teeth after.

How to Make Lemon Water

As you might imagine, making lemon water is a breeze. Or, should we say squeeze? Here is what you will need:

  • Water, 24 oz.
  • 1 Organic lemon
  • A pinch of fresh ginger (optional)

To begin, cut your organic lemon into two halves and squeeze one half into your glass of water. Put your second half in the fridge for later. If you prefer your drink a bit sweeter, feel free to squeeze the juices from both halves into your glass.

If you want the additional health benefits of ginger, we recommend peeling and slicing fresh ginger root into your lemon water. However, this is not necessary, and some people find this can mess with the taste of the drink.

lemon infuser

Water Lemon Infuser

While you can drink lemon water at any temperature, we personally enjoy it best when it is lukewarm or lightly heated. This is entirely up to your own personal preference.

A Replacement for Coffee and Tea?

After a solid night of sleep, many of us turn to our kettles or Keurigs for something loaded with caffeine. While caffeine can kickstart your day, it can also induce jitters, anxiety, and crashes later in the day.

That is why lemon water makes for a superior alternative to tea and coffee. No caffeine, no sugar; nothing except a refreshing citrus taste and a cup full of vitamins and essential minerals to start your day off right. Why not go au naturel tomorrow morning, and try a tall glass of lemon water before breakfast?

To make your new A.M. beverage even better, try heating the water in a kettle first. This will make it nice and warm, which not only simulates the sensation of a tea but also helps with digestion. It also feels great after waking up from a cold wintery night’s sleep.

Better Hydration

One of the most understated benefits of drinking lemon water is that it is guaranteed to keep you hydrated throughout your day. While this is a rather basic in comparison to some of its more unconventional benefits, it cannot go without mentioning.

Today, nearly 75% of Americans will go about their day while being chronically dehydrated according to a recent report by CBS. Just think of how sluggish and tired this must make so many of our friends, neighbors, co-workers.

Simply put, dehydration wreaks havoc on your body’s natural health systems. Without proper hydration, our muscles, organs, joints, and brain have no chance of performing optimally—literally, everything in the body relies on an ample supply of water.

And do you know what the most common reason for chronic dehydration is? It is simply because many of us choose sodas, caffeinated drinks, and sugary juices before we reach for a glass of water. That is not okay.

That’s where lemon water comes into play. With lemon water, you get all the hydrational benefits of a regular old glass of water, but with the sweet, zesty tinge of lemon. This tricks your brain into thinking that you are drinking a sugary drink, when in fact you are only drinking water (well, supercharged water).

Since lemon water curbs cravings for the sweeter, artificial stuff, you inevitably end up drinking way more water than you otherwise would. Just by making the switch from tap water to lemon water, we’ve seen dieters double and even triple their daily water intake. This makes a massive difference in one’s sense of wellbeing, as well as daily performance.

Your Liver Will Thank You

We get it, sometimes hangovers are inevitably after the occasional night of festivities. And when they hit you, they can really throw a wrench in your day. But when life gives you lemons, make lemon water. It will stop your hangover dead in its tracks.

Believe it or not, your liver is hyperactive when you are asleep. This is because your liver is tasked with cleansing your body and regenerating your blood cells. And what better time to do this than when you are asleep, while your body is placed under minimal other demands?

We all know that drinking alcohol can put a ton of stress on your liver. This interferes with your body’s natural ability to recuperate. On nights when you happen to drink, chugging back some lemon water before and after bed can help provide your liver and lymph systems with the supplies they need to work overtime to flush the intoxicants out of your body.

Flush Out the Toxins

You may have heard about the benefits of a lemon water detox. While lemon water is no panacea, flooding your body with a big dose of nutrients can certainly help detoxify your body.

Your body has natural systems that fight disease, cleanse your body, and rejuvenate your mind and spirit. But they need an ample amount of water as well as important nutrients in order to do this. Enter lemon water. Only one cup can provide over an entire day’s worth of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and copper.

Personally, we recommend taking a short food fast every couple of weeks for approximately 16-18 hours. It helps if this is done overnight. During this fasting period, stick to lemon water only. This will resupply your gastrointestinal tract with everything in needs to restart anew and get you back on track.

The Myths About Lemon Water

myths about the lemon

Image via Telegraph

While there are plenty of legit benefits of lemon water, there are also some common misconceptions that are peddled in natural health circles. To help clear the air, we put together a short list of some of the things that lemon water, unfortunately, will not be able to do for you.

Prevent Cancer

Natural food gurus are known to promote the latest and greatest “superfoods” that can cure everything from A to Z. And while proper hydration and nutrition can prevent the development of tumors, we would remiss to suggest that lemon water can prevent the onset of cancers.

Make You Smarter

There are some proponents of lemon water that claim that daily consumption can raise your IQ score by several points. Sadly, there is no scientific evidence to support this. You’re already smart enough, anyway.

Adjust Your pH Levels

Despite the latest buzz around “pH balance” and “alkaline diets”, no food or drink can alter the pH levels in your stomach. While it is true that certain foods can affect alkaline levels in your urine, it is simply impossible to change the pH in your blood through dietary choices.


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