If you’ve ever looked into healthy eating, you’ve probably heard a bit about the benefits of Himalayan salt. People usually think of salt as something they shouldn’t be eating, but that’s not always the case. In fact, if you eat the right kind of salt, you’ll start to see positive benefits in your body, and our blood pressure will begin to decrease.

Salt isn’t inherently bad – it’s what we do to the salt that makes it harmful to our bodies. Using chemicals and lengthy processes, we strip the salt of anything beneficial that was once there. Himalayan salt, though, is all-natural.

What is Himalayan Salt?

The Himalayas are the tallest mountains on the planet and span the continent of Asia. Millions of years ago, though, our earth was covered in water, including this massive mountain range. When volcanoes exploded, and water levels lowered, the salt from the sea dried and crystallized in some of these salt mines.

Since that time, snow and debris protected the salt from the outside world. Unlike some of the other salt mines on the planet, Himalayan salt was never subjected to human pollution. All that’s in these mines is pure, pink salt.

What Makes Himalayan Salt Better?

You’re probably wondering why Himalayan salt is better for you than traditional salt. After all, doctors are usually telling us to cut down on our sodium consumption.

what is Himalayan Salt?

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Processing salt – while necessary to remove toxins – strips it of any health benefits it may have had. Manufacturers process table salt to the highest degree and our bodies aren’t used to it. When we eat this salt, our bodies start to retain water, and our blood pressure can rise.

Sea salt, while a healthier alternative to traditional table salt, still doesn’t provide all of the benefits we could be getting. It’s stripped of minerals, and subject to hundreds of years of human pollution. You don’t need to look very far to see the damage that we’re doing to our oceans, and this can even affect the quality of salt that we’re getting.

Himalayan salt, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be processed. It was never affected by pollution, meaning we can get the natural benefits of salt that we can’t get anywhere else. Processed salt is stripped of essential minerals, which our bodies need to regulate themselves properly. Himalayan salt is full of these minerals and is far healthier than any other salt you can find.

Health Benefits of Eating Himalayan Salt

You might not have considered sodium in your healthy eating guide, but there are multiple benefits to eating Himalayan salt over other kinds of salt. Low sodium diets aren’t always the answer. Switching to pink salt will improve your health far more than cutting salt altogether.

Keeping You Hydrated

If you’ve ever seen a Gatorade ad or taken a look at the label of another sports drink, you’ve probably heard a bit about the importance of electrolytes in a workout. They keep you fresh and hydrated during long hours at the gym or field.

The unfortunate reality of these drinks is that they’re usually extremely high in sugar and preservatives, making their electrolyte content a moot point. Drinking these sports drinks is fine while you’re using calories but drinking them in a resting state can cause you to store fat rather than burn it.

Electrolytes aren’t the problem here – it’s all the sugar these companies put in their drink. If you want the electrolytes without all of the unhealthy stuff, take a look at Himalayan salt as an option. The salt is rich in electrolytes and adding it to water helps regulate your hydration levels, whether you’re moving or not.

If you’re an athlete of any kind, it’s important to stay hydrated. These electrolytes allow your body to absorb and hold water better than if you drank water alone. Our bodies absorb the electrolytes faster than plain water, meaning you’ll be considerably more hydrated after drinking water with Himalayan salt.

Balancing Your Body’s Natural pH

natural ph restoration with pink himalayan salt

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You probably don’t think about it very much, but the proper pH level in your body is essential for a healthy life. If your body is too acidic, you may start to experience acid reflux, immune system deficiency, loss of bone density, kidney stones, weight gain, and other medical problems.

If you have an unbalanced pH level, one of the ways to correct it is to ingest Himalayan salt. All you have to do is add some to a glass of water and drink to feel some immediate effects. If you suffer from constant heartburn, drinking the salt-infused water should give you relief. In the long run, drinking these solutions will make you feel better and improve your digestion.

If you’re unsure whether or not your body has a balanced pH level, you can use acidic test strips to test it. By rule, your saliva pH should be between 6.5 and 7.5 Your urine will fluctuate throughout the day but should sit around 6.5.

Improving Sleep

Research has shown that having a low-sodium diet can lead to a reduction in sleep quality. Those who were on this diet woke up during the night far more frequently than people who ate a regular amount of salt in their food.

Although salt is unhealthy in large quantities, Himalayan salt provides a healthy middle ground for those who don’t want to stuff their bodies with processed salt. Not only does salt help regulate your sleep and contribute to your overall health, the mineral content in pink salt assists as well.

You shouldn’t take these statistics as an excuse to load-up on salty foods. All you need to know is that salt isn’t always bad for you, and Himalayan salt is one of the ways to get healthy salt into your diet.

Other Uses of Himalayan Salt

The benefits of Himalayan salt aren’t isolated to eating the stuff. You can experience the powerful healing properties of the salt in multiple other ways. In fact, soaking in a Himalayan salt bath can cause you to absorb more of the minerals than you would have if you ate it alone.

Here are some of the other popular uses for Himalayan salt. Using the salt on your food will give you the health benefits, but so will some of these methods.

Salt Water Baths

It’s not a secret that salt-water baths are a fantastic way to cleanse your body and replenish minerals. When people refer to saltwater baths, they’re often talking about Himalayan salt instead of the salt most of us have in our cabinets.

Since Himalayan salt is so rich in minerals, adding it to your bathwater is another way to make sure your body gets the full benefits. Our skin can often absorb these minerals far more effectively than the rest of our body. You could take a salt water bath and absorb a considerably larger portion of the minerals than if you ate a helping of Himalayan salt with your food.

Absorbing these minerals through your skin also help with detoxification and recovery. Soaking in these minerals draws toxins out of your skin and will give you a fresh, clean feeling after you’ve finished. If you suffer from back pain or muscle soreness, these baths also help relax your muscles and allow them to recover faster.

Clearing Sinuses

Many people already use salt water solutions to help clear their sinuses. Adding pink Himalayan salt, though will give you an even greater effect. It can clear the bacteria in your nose that grows after inhaling dust and other air pollutants in your home or place of work.

Pouring salt water through your nose sounds uncomfortable to a lot of people. For those who want to stay away from this strategy, Himalayan crystal inhalers are available. These work in many of the same ways as a traditional vaporizer.

Pink Salt Lamp

pink himalyan salt lamp

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The benefits of Himalayan salt stretch far beyond eating and soaking in the stuff. Making lamps out of Himalayan salt is one of the most popular uses around the world. Though these lamps have many benefits, the most proven advantage of using one of these lamps is that they will purify and deodorize the air around you.

Pink salt lamps use the process of hygroscopy, meaning they attract and trap water molecules from the surrounding environment. The rock lamp absorbs the water molecules, including any dust, chemicals, or particles trapped inside. Through this action, Himalayan pink salt lamps can help ease allergy symptoms, treat coughs, and help improve the lives of people living with asthma.

The pink salt lamp will also charge the room with negative air ions. While their name might suggest they aren’t good to have around you, researchers have associated negative air ions with a decrease in chronic depression.

Devices such as electronics emit positively charged ions. Researchers have associated these ions with increased stress levels, which often result in a difficulty sleeping. Salt lamps help to neutralize many of these particles, allowing you to sleep better and feel better throughout your day.

Final Thoughts on Himalayan Salt

Too much salt isn’t a good thing – even if you’re eating the right kind. If you want to make a healthy change in your diet, though, Himalayan salt is the answer. Reducing your sodium intake can be positive if you’re eating too much salt, but low sodium diets can lead to an imbalanced pH in your body and unhealthy sleeping habits.

Himalayan salt has multiple uses. You can soak in it, make a lamp out of it, and – of course – eat it. Try Himalayan salt for yourself and see the benefits of these healthy minerals firsthand!

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