AllMax Nutrition Caffeine is a supplement consisting of 100 percent pure anhydrous caffeine. It does not contain additives or extras that some caffeine supplements or drinks contain. The caffeine comes in tablet form and is meant for oral consumption. It has a variety of uses for the fitness enthusiast or regular working person who needs an extra boost.

Caffeine is a compound found in nature and produced by many different plants. Average Americans already consume caffeine in various doses. Mostly from caffeinated drinks such as soda, tea or coffee. Mentally, caffeine increases focus and wakefulness. Physically, it combats feelings of fatigue, improves energy levels and relieves pain. When taken in higher than average doses, it can also aid in weight loss because it causes a thermogenic response in the body. It assists in the rate of lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty acids) and can increase the metabolism.

AllMax Nutrition Caffeine is intended to supplement nutrition for weight loss and increase exercise performance. It is also practical for everyday use to combat fatigue and raise alertness throughout the day. The dose is small enough that it can be used daily as needed. Despite the fact that the product is safe, even the best caffeine supplement can cause complications if overused. AllMax Nutrition Caffeine tablets come in a manageable 200 mg size and can be cut in half for reduced doses.

Features and Benefits

AllMax Nutrition Caffeine does not have a whole host of fancy extra features. It benefits from its simplicity.

Nothing That Isn’t Needed

The only ingredient in AllMax Nutrition Caffeine is 100 percent anhydrous caffeine. It does not have any additives such as preservatives, coloring or flavoring that other energy enhancers have. It’s just pure caffeine. Pre-workout drinks, energy drinks and other energy supplements often include additives. Most additives have not been sufficiently studied and can have side effects. The best caffeine pills contain only caffeine and don’t add potentially dangerous substances in an attempt to increase performance further.

Weight Loss

As stated above, AllMax Nutrition Caffeine can help users lose weight by activating the metabolism and signaling the body to begin burning fat. Users achieve the best results when they pair the caffeine with exercise. Unlike energy drinks, flavored sodas, or coffee that contains cream or sugar, AllMax Nutrition Caffeine tablets contain no calories. The sugar that many energy supplements contain is calorically dense, nutritionally inadequate, and can cause a “crash” after excessive use. A crash usually consists of feelings of extreme energy and wakefulness followed by intense feelings of fatigue.

Increased Performance in the Gym

Caffeine can help workouts by increasing strength, mental focus, and clarity. Greater alertness not only allows users to achieve goals quicker, but is also safer as lack of attention and fatigue is a leading cause of injuries in the gym. The increased free fatty acids released by the lipolysis process, which AllMax Nutrition Caffeine promotes, are burned during exercise, which can greatly increase energy and explosive power.

The neurological benefits of AllMax Nutrition Caffeine helps workouts by allowing it to last longer. The pain relief and adrenal stimulus that the tablets provide lower perceived effort and make lifts easier. These effects together enable weightlifters especially to lift heavier weights for longer, thus making for a more intense and fruitful workout.

What’s Unique?

Many energy supplements, and even some of the top caffeine pills, cause the “crash” mentioned above. This crash is mostly caused by additives, but can also result from excessive dosages. AllMax Nutrition Caffeine is a relatively lower dose of 200 mg, about the amount of caffeine found in a single cup of coffee. It is also pure caffeine meaning that it does not cause a crash after use. Many buyers report in caffeine pills reviews that AllMax Nutrition Caffeine is surprisingly effective with no crashing or harmful side effects.

AllMax Nutrition Caffeine also is more comfortable to take when compared with other caffeine pills and tablets. It does not have the harsh aspirin taste that others have and dissolves quickly in water. Therefore, users with trouble swallowing, or those who wish to add it to a drink, have an alternative to swallowing a pill.


Because of the nature of the supplements industry, customers can expect a broad price range for AllMax Nutrition Caffeine. A single bottle contains 100 tablets that are 200 mg each. Buyers can expect to pay anywhere from $4 to as much as $13. Due to the large price fluctuation, it may be prudent to shop around before purchasing. Or, wait for sales. Caffeine pills have long shelf lives and are safe even if expired, if a bit less effective. As such, buying in bulk is a viable option if there is a sale. All in all, the caffeine pills are reasonably priced, and can even be quite cheap if procured from the right vendor.

What Could Be Better?

AllMax Nutrition Caffeine suffers from some drawbacks that most, if not all, caffeine supplements have.

  • Trouble Sleeping: Use of caffeine pills can affect sleep quality, especially if taken close to bedtime. The wakefulness it provides can last into sleeping hours and cause restlessness or even insomnia. Caffeine is best when used as directed and as recommended by a doctor. It should never be used as a replacement for sleep.
  • “The Jitters”: Everyone experiences caffeine in their own way. As with all drugs, results may vary. Some users may still experience “the jitters,” which can consist of nervousness, shaking, restlessness or discomfort. Most of these side effects occur from overuse so users should dial down the dosage if any of them appear.
  • Hard to Swallow: Some users may find that the tablet is hard to swallow as it does not come encapsulated. This lack of outer casing can be offset by dissolving in water, but that of course takes time. The tablet nature of the product also means that some tablets may break in transit.


AllMax Nutrition Caffeine is cheap and effective. What more can you ask for? It is clean caffeine that rarely causes the side effects brought on by other energy supplements that  include additives. If they can be found at the right price, AllMax Nutrition Caffeine tablets are a cost-effective way to increase alertness and energy throughout the day, and increase performance and gains in the gym.

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