Apart from water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, and on any given day, over 158 million Americans are enjoying a cup. Peruse a grocery store aisle, and you’ll likely discover a dizzying array of tea blends and brands. Go online, and your selection is even more infinite. How can you know which tea you’ll enjoy, and which company to purchase from? Today, we’re reviewing Adagio Tea, a tea distributor located in New Jersey.

First, a little background on tea, itself! All tea comes from a single plant: Camellia sinensis. How the tea is prepared will determine if it is black, green, or oolong. Herbal tea is tea from herbs such as mint and chamomile. We call these preparations “tea,” but it’s important to note that they’re separate from Camellia sinensis.

Black tea is tea that has been allowed to wither. During this drying out time, water evaporates from the tea leaves, which then absorb oxygen in a process called “oxidation.” The fuller the oxidation process, the darker the tea, which means that black tea typically has a high caffeine content and a very robust flavor profile.

Oolong tea only undergoes partial oxidation. As a result, these teas have a slightly lower caffeine content than black teas and flavors that are not as intense. Tea drinkers should not make the mistake of believing oolong is less flavorful, however; in fact, this tea’s fragrant and delicious tones are often compared to the taste and aroma of fresh flowers or fresh fruit.

Green tea is withered only slightly and fired to stop the oxidation process very quickly. This results in a very low caffeine content and a very wide and intricate flavor profile. Green tea is revered in countries such as China and Japan for its healing properties. White tea, while less popular, is the least oxidized of all the Camellia sinensis teas.

Tea is also a healthy drink, and not just because it replaces sugar-filled or caffeine-filled drinks. Studies on green teas, in particular, have found direct correlations between daily cups of green tea and lowered risk of heart attack and stroke. Green tea can also help you lower your levels of LDL cholesterol, and tea, in general, may help with weight loss and bone strength.

Now that you know a little more about tea let’s learn more about Adagio Tea company!

Adagio Tea Features & Benefits

Irwin Naturals green tea supplementsAny true tea lover will tell you loose leaf tea is far superior to the pre-packaged variety, which is why a company such as Adagio shines. All tea is made in bulk, but manufacturers of pre-packaged tea face the added challenge of handling the tea too much and taking too long to package the loose tea, potentially damaging tea leaves and risking stale tea. Adagio largely sells bulk tea, which means that it can focus on quality.

Adagio was created by a tea lover out of her basement in the late 1990’s. A part-time manicurist, Sophie Kreymerman knew she needed to share her love of tea with others, so she partnered with her two sons to create a teashop with a small internet business.

Today, the company operates two massive warehouses in New Jersey and California and ships tea worldwide. Its offerings have grown from just a few of the best loose leaf tea varieties to hundreds of the best bulk teas, blends, and supporting accessories, as well as wholesale tea. Adagio Tea has become a candy store for a tea lover!

Adagio offers a huge variety of options. Tea varieties include black, flavored, chai, oolong, white, green, herbal, matcha, rooibos, decaf, pu-erh, and masters. Tea can be purchased in loose leaf sampler sets, in bulk, or in carefully crafted tea bags designed for high-quality, convenient consumption. Adagio also offers specially created holiday blends for holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, as well as care packages and unique sampler sets that can be used as gifts or for beginning tea lovers.

What’s Unique?

Because of its size, Adagio offers a wide range of options in convenient sizes and affordable prices. It’s a sort of supermarket or one-stop shop for loose leaf teas and a great option for somebody who wants to try something new every time you order.


Adagio’s teas are priced at many different price points, depending on the quality and rareness of the product. It does, however, to take great pains to label the cost per cup, which we thought was extremely helpful. Most teas are still less than a dollar a cup, which is a steal when you compare these loose leaf teas to a Starbucks coffee or even a pre-packaged tea.

It often offers upgrades, such as a collector’s tins, as gift options. We also find those to be affordably priced. Its wide range of glass teaware is priced comparably to what you’d expect to find at online distributors such as Amazon.

Are There Other Options?

The only downside to purchasing from Adagio Tea is not being able to sample and test out the tea beforehand. This is an obvious benefit to visiting your local tea shop, where you can visually inspect the quality of the leaves, smell different blends, and even try the tea yourself before you buy.

If you’re a seasoned tea drinker who already has a good idea of the flavors you like, or you enjoy taking a risk, you’ll appreciate Adagio, but if you’re a beginning, you might be better off visiting a local shop in person, at least the first time or two.

Is This the Right Tea Company for You?

Tea is a nourishing ritual and a delicious beverage, enjoyed worldwide. It can also be a fun and delightfully engrossing habit, as nuanced and interesting as wine tasting or coffee drinking–and a whole lot healthier! Purchasing your tea from a company like Adagio Tea helps ensure you’ll get a product that is high quality, relatively convenient, and affordable.

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