“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates said that 2,500 years ago and, here at Leaves that Heal, we believe that to this very day. Our earth has so much to offer! All we have to do is know where to look and know what to look for.

It’s popular in this day and age to look for convenience foods and get the quick fix for all that ails us. But Leaves that Heal is different. While we believe conventional medicine has its place and convenience food is, well, convenient — searching for answers and understanding what nature has to offer us is key to a healthy life..

Here is where you’ll find answers to your burning questions about fruits, vegetables, herbs, and natural remedies that will keep you strong. We bring you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear, because Leaves that Heal wants you to live happier with the knowledge that Mother Nature is on your side.

No more guessing about who wins out — the almighty fruit or the humble vegetable. And you don’t have to wonder is echinacea is all that it claims to be because we break it all down into easy consumable (pun intended) bites, so you can carry that knowledge with you.

Our team scours sources from all over just so you don’t have to. And not only that, they’re a pretty capable bunch all on their own.

Let’s meet this capable crew right now!

Chief Editor — Susan Quincey

Susan Quincey

Nothing gets by her. Growing up in the moderate climate that is California, Susan knows about nature. In fact, she spent most of her childhood exploring the great outdoors. She even had her own garden at just six years old, which made her grandmother very proud.

She loved to collect leaves and flowers, bringing them back to Grandma for identification. Her librarians were her best friends. When Susan and her grandma would walk into the library, it didn’t matter who was working because they all knew her by name and off they would go to the botany section.

You see, Susan brought her field journal into the library every time she found something new so she could learn all there was to know about it.

Bringing that knowledge all the way from little town, California all the way to Leaves that Heal, you better believe she knows what she’s talking about. She makes sure that every piece of information that you read is filled with facts and not fiction.

Email: susan@leavesthatheal.com

Communications Manager — Mark Stanlee

Mark Stanlee

It’s Mark’s job to make sure all the information collected and written at Leaves that Heal get to you. Communication is key in the internet world. All the information is useless to you if you can’t read it, and that’s where Mark comes in.

He tweets, he Facebooks, he pins — he’s your basic chatterbox. Wherever you like to hang out on the internet, he finds you (but not in a creepy way.)

His botany class was a requirement in college, and truth be told, he was reluctant to take it, but once he did, he fell in love. Even though he was going for a communications degree (which he received), that one class led him to Leaves that Heal.

Mark not only believes in the power of plants, but he also believes in the power of communication. And since he has the computer know-how to bring Leaves that Heal to you, that’s what he set out to do.

Tweet him and say hi! Don’t forget to use #leavesthatheal -- He’s the bridge between you and Leaves that Heal.

Email: mark@leavesthatheal.com

Research Analyst — Rose Hassell

Rose Hassell

Without her extensive research, none of this would be possible. Leaves that Heal prides itself on bringing you the latest information about nature and how you can use it to stay healthy and strong. Sometimes what was good for you last week, may not be good for you anymore.

You need to know that!

Rest assured Rose is on top of it. She has 10 years of research experience, so believe us when we tell you, she has her finger on the pulse of the latest scoop.

And she doesn’t just go to one source. Rose keeps digging until she finds the best information that will help you on your wellness journey and this girl is no stranger to nature either.

She also grew up in nature, but Rose was raised in the mountains of North Carolina where the air is crisp and the foliage lasts nearly year round. Her first love is mushrooms. She could identify whatever kind you hold up just by sight.

In college, she was studying journalism, which is where she picked up her research skills. She now uses those skills to complete her investigation of foods from the Earth and how they affect our bodies. Rose wants you to make smart and accurate choices when it comes to your health, so she takes extra care to bring the real deal to Leaves that Heal and to you.

Email: rose@leavesthatheal.com

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